Arsenic/Problem Water

Purflo Arsenic Removal Systems

Purflo Arsenic Reduction System

Recent findings have indicated that the arsenic levels in our ground water supplies are higher than acceptable. The EPA recently dropped the acceptable level of arsenic from 50 ppb to 10 ppb, resulting in a number of well supplies exceeding the allowable levels for safe drinking water. While not all well supplies are deemed unsafe, there have been enough occurrences to warrant concern.

The team at Heffernan Soft Water Systems is prepared with a Purflo System to lower the arsenic levels in your drinking and cooking water supply. We also now have testing available at our location to help determine the exact levels of arsenic in your existing water supply. Give us a call to find out how we can help you.

Features of the Purflo Arsenic Reduction System

  • Based on 1,000 gal. /year production
  • Regular maintenance reminders
  • Certified arsenic reduction system
  • Professional installation
  • Annual filter charge service / testing
  • Removes tastes and odors

Is Your Water Safe?

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We offer Dura Cube Pro Water Softener Salt.
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